Donaldo Macedo and Paulo Freire on Careerists

From the Introduction of the 50th anniversary edition of Pedagogy of the Oppressed (page 8):

That is to say, the careerist's political project is, ultimately, his or her career, and to save his or her career, the crass careerist "will fail to initiate (or will abandon) dialogue, reflection, and communication and will fall into using slogans, communiqu├ęs, monologues, and instructions. Superficial conversions to the cause of liberation carry this danger."

This quote, in which Macedo is also quoting Freire, discusses the way that careerists are more often adopting (co-opting) causes of liberation in order to further advance their career (or personal futures). This quote is found before a discussion about a range of educators who, while they claim to support liberation, perpetuate the same problems and can’t (or won’t) see how they’re doing it.

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