First things first: I’m definitely a nerd, and it’s something I’m pretty happy to be.

I have a huge range of interests, and I love being able to make connections between the different topics and events; this is something that we really need to be doing a lot more frequently, especially in the context of schools. Far too often we have some sort of ‘crowbar separation’ between our subjects, even though they’re all interconnected.

For example, we shouldn’t be looking just at ‘science’, but we should be looking at its history, the social context in which it was discovered and used, and starting to see its influences in other areas like literature and art. How do we talk about it? How do we think about it? If we don’t make those connections, we risk not understanding the world around us.

All of this plays a lot into how I teach and encourage students to engage with learning; it’s also how I try to live my own life.

PRONOUNS: they/them – I don’t have a preferred title, as I find them unnecessary for a load of reasons.