First things first: I’m definitely a nerd, and it’s something I’m pretty happy to be.

I have a huge range of interests, and I really enjoy being able to see the connections between different subjects and events; I think this is something that we really need to do a lot more frequently rather than having some sort of crowbar separation between things like literature, humanities and social sciences, maths, art, science, etc. It’s really important that we start seeing how they’re all interconnected because that’s honestly the reality of our world; if we don’t start looking at things as being interconnected, we’re not going to understand how changes we make in one area affect another. This all plays a lot into how I teach and encourage students to engage with learning.

As a teacher, my philosophy is as follows:

  • Students should have a lot more agency in what they learn, being given different levels of choice within classes to make their studies more relevant to the world around them or to the skills they want to learn or explore. Projects are generally flexible and can be altered, as long as they meet the basic criteria.
  • Questions are always welcome, and I always encourage students to bring their own experiences into classes. Give others a chance to have some perspective!
  • My job should be, primarily, to guide students in their education and help them acquire skills and attitudes necessary for people to learn and remain curious throughout their lives.
  • Students are free to question my decisions and to ask questions to better understand why we’re doing what we’re doing, but they must do it in a kind and respectful manner. Constructive criticism is always welcome, as that helps me to improve as an educator.
  • Students should try their best to be constantly improving, even if those improvements are minor.
  • Students should also work towards improving their relationships to the people around them, their attitudes toward school, and building positive habits. If you improve in those areas, you are more likely to improve your marks. Everything is connected!