Chuck Keeney on Marginalising People

Found in Silk Stockings and Socialism by Sharon McConnell-Sidorick, the following quote is something that has been found elsewhere and is attributed to Chuck Keeney.

If you paint people as ignorant and backward, then it is easier to marginalize them, it's easier to dismiss them. It's also a good way of burying history.

Having grown up in farm country in the Midwestern US, this kind of idea really sticks with me. So often, people are written off as being “ignorant” and “uneducated” without ever considering their lived experiences and the knowledge they have for just having survived and gotten one year older.

People in rural areas are often considered ‘gullible’, with liberals claiming (as they’re doing to people in Texas right now) that we “deserve it” for “voting against our interests.” They never stop to consider how the system is rigged against us, and they spend a lot of time being condescending and ignoring our needs.

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Image used in the background is a picture I took of a mural in Budapest, Hungary. The mural is titled ‘Blue in Green‘ and was painted by Polish artists Sepe & Chazme.