Paulo Freire on Humanists

From Pedagogy of the Oppressed, Chapter One (page 60):

A real humanist can be identify more by [their] trust in the people which engages [them] in their struggle, than by a thousand actions n their favor without that trust.

This section details how we need to build trust within our communities, especially with regards to learning. If we don’t build trust, we can’t succeed. It’s also a discussion about how charity isn’t what the oppressed need; they need mutual aid that they are a part of and trustworthy connections to ensure safety.

This is actually a really important idea for me because it relates to being able to do what you can. Far too often, disabled and neurodivergent people are condemned for our inability to participate in obvious actions; the actions that we can take often are relegated as “useless.” This idea allows for the concept that we can do what we’re able to do and still build community and trust.

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