Last year, my school was super tiny. I started with a class of one student and ended with a class of five. We sometimes had art on the windows, just to make things interesting. As long as it related to any of our units, it got put up.

Some of the images are based on art, book covers, or drawings by others.

This month marks the start of a new school year and with so many more students than the previous year. It’s sure to be an exciting time! We’re still growing, and it’s pretty amazing to watch MYP go from 1 student at the beginning of SY 2017-18 to having two of the largest grades in the school (14 students in grade 7 and 10 in grade 9). It’s also amazing to welcome so many students to a model of learning that they’re not accustomed to (but are already showing an aptitude for).

We’ll be documenting different aspects of the school year, ranging from class projects to school activities. There have been a lot of ideas coming up, and we’ll hopefully be able to move forward with a lot of them. These include:

  • Establishing a school newsletter/newspaper (run by grade 9);
  • Potentially starting up Model UN (for grades 7 and 9);
  • Peer tutoring during study hall (MYP);
  • A potential environmental club for MYP with Ms C (from PYP);
  • Doing MYP community projects with grade 9 to prepare them for the personal projects they’ll be doing next year in grade 10.

There’s a lot of work to be done by everyone, but it’s going to be a promising year!

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