As the Service As Action Coordinator, I’m always working on different ways to incorporate service within the school. Holidays and continuing programs are a great way of doing this and contributing to the community, and my students are starting to do this on their own without me pushing them to do it. They come up with so many good ideas, and it’s amazing. Listed here are the different programs and events that they’ve contributed to or created on their own (with support of the teaching staff).

  • MYP Teams (PBIS)
    Grade 9 students (in 2018) were inspired to create a program for their classmates that could increase the feeling of community. In doing this, they inadvertently created their own system of positive behaviour inteventions and supports (PBIS). This program, inspired by the Hogwarts Houses in the Harry Potter series, splits the MYP students into separate teams, having them work together on different projects. Students have developed their own sets of guidelines (Grade 9) and an essential agreement (Grades 6 and 7) that all students must follow.
    • Project #1: T-Shirt Design and Print Plan
    • Monthly Games Days
  • School Newspaper
    The school newspaper was developed as part of the curriculum in Grade 9’s English Language and Literature course during the unit ‘Evolution of Media’. It consists of multiple columns, including but not limited to: Students of the Month, Suggestions, Events, and various other stories about events around the school and in the community.
  • Peer Tutoring
    As part of the Individuals & Societies unit “How We Contribute to Society,” students in Grade 9 were tasked with developing a peer tutoring program that would consider the needs of students and the goals of the program. They developed an outline for the goals of the program (the tutors and students) and guidelines for both parties.
  • Project LIT
  • Holiday Events
    • Halloween Baking Event
    • Halloween: Haunted Hallway