One of the things that gets on my nerves is that we often don’t consider disabilities. This is something that I’m actually really happy with in my current school. As a person with learning disabilities (audio processing disorder, ADHD, and dyslexia) who is also a teacher, it’s nice to be in an environment where my voice is (frequently) heard. However, the community at large still has a lot to learn about people with physical disabilities.

Which is why I love this series by Mark Brown of the Game Maker’s Toolkit. Partnering with or interviewing people who are actually impacted by this, he’s been working on a series of designing video games to be better for people with different disabilities. But these are ideas that can be incorporated everywhere, so it’s definitely a channel that I just love (especially because they have so many videos that just fit a lot of teachable moments and make me wonder how to incorporate them in class).

How do I make students more aware of designing their projects for people with hearing-related disabilities? How do I make sure they pay attention to colours that might impact people with colourblindness or low vision? These are questions that I often wonder as a teacher. Am I designing my classroom in functional ways to meet student needs? Are my assessments accessible for all of the students? How can I scaffold them to make them more accessible, either for students who also have learning disabilities or to make sure that they’re easy to understand and have explicit instructions?

I love these videos, though. They make me think a lot about what I teach and how I teach, and I’m definitely looking forward to designing for individuals for cognitive disabilities.

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