I’m starting over on Nerd Teacher because of a database issue. Other than my reading list and the service projects that were done throughout the past year, I lost a lot of the posts that I had made because I was silly and unprepared (I didn’t setup backups, oops). My students are free to remind me of this next time I tease them for being unprepared.

It’s good that I saved a lot of the images of my students’ work, though! So I’ll be making a lot of posts regarding those assignments throughout the summer while also including some links to artwork done throughout the school (I love my whiteboard artists).

It’s also a coincidence that this happened because I’m starting at a new school! Throughout the summer, I’ll be moving to an entirely new country (Slovakia) and setting up everything there. I’m hoping that I’ll be staying there for quite some time because I absolutely fell in love with the capital city.

I also plan to learn a lot more about Eastern Europe. I’m going to be the first to admit that I definitely have a lot of gaping holes in my knowledge outside of what’s been included in World War II history, Soviet history, and general knowledge of their existence. I need to rectify this, especially as I start to learn yet another language.

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