Halloween is always my favourite time of year, and it’s even better when I get to see all of the students joining in on it. There was so much happening that I had to work after-hours in order to keep up (especially one night before an Open Day because my room looked like an Amazon warehouse that was hit by a tornado with all the boxes and random items everywhere), but it was so much fun!

Halloween Baking and Pumpkin Carving

Top: A carved pumpkin (inspired by anime cats);
Bottom Right: A cookie in the shape of a witch’s broom;
Middle and Bottom Left: Students cutting out cookies (and dealing with sticky dough). All pictures are my own.

On the morning of 25 October, my students were able to participate in an event that some of them had initially created: baking Halloween cookies for the Halloween Party. The school canteen helped to provide everything that we needed, including all of the ingredients for their cookie dough (as per the recipe that my students had decided upon) and already prepared dough (for other students to work with while the others were making dough).

The day before the baking event, our school manager surprised us with a delivery of pumpkins (including one very large pumpkin). Since we had them, we added a station for carving them with the assistance of another teacher. They were used in our other project, the Haunted Hallway (see below), as decorations with small electric candles inside of them.

Along with our MYP students in Grades 6, 7, and 9, we were also visited by a few interested students from the other school that we (currently) share a building with. Everyone who participated really seemed to enjoy themselves, and it was so wonderful to see everyone working together, learning some new skills or experiencing something they may not have done before, and just enjoying themselves. (Plus, the kids were all super cute in their aprons and goofy hats.)

This is definitely something that I’d like to try to do again next year (especially the pumpkin carving part because all of them were so good).

Haunted Hallway

Bottom: The hallway looked like a mess, but it was so cool to see it designed;
Top Right: A skeleton watches over everyone from the lockers;
Top Left: A cute bat and some candy with an eyeball. All pictures are my own.

One of the biggest challenges to this year’s Halloween events (and one of the most fun to do) was the Haunted Hallway. A large, mixed group of students from Grades 7 and 9 worked together to create a haunted experience for our PYP (Early Years to Grade 5) classmates. For weeks they worked on different parts of the hallway, ranging from decorations to ideas for how to scare the children; everyone came in a costume (sort of) or wore only black so that they wouldn’t stand out too much in the totally dark Hallway of Horrors.

For the scary part, we turned off all of the lights to make something like a haunted house. The students had been preparing different ways to scare the students. Starting with Early Years, the students had to adjust the ‘scare factor’ in order to make sure that the students weren’t too scared to come back to school. They did so well with considering the age of the students going through the Haunted Hallway and how scary to be (but when Grades 4 and 5 came through, they went all out with a terrifying entry story, popping balloons, and blood-curdling screams).

The feedback they got from teachers and students alike was phenomenal. Everyone was pleasantly surprised with it, and I was so happy because nearly everything in the hallway was a student-creation (and those that weren’t were student-concepts that were given life through teacher-advice).

There was so much teamwork and so much consideration for all students; I was so happy to see how brilliant turned out to be and how enthusiastic they were.