Kittens: Torino, Part 11

November was a bit of a slower month. We were finally getting genuinely settled in the flat and had most of the things we needed. The kittens had figured out that they loved the sofa, and they learned how to… program? Maybe. Possibly.

Probably not.

Kittens: Torino, Part 10

Halloween time! Kittens had bat costumes, and they were so cute. They also both got the opportunity to interact with pumpkins, which they’d never done before.

We also finally had gotten the sofa that we ordered in July.

Kittens: Torino, Part 9

As I was starting a new school year and getting more settled into things, the kittens adorably ran around the flat. They loved having so many space to climb, which was intentional; we designed our home with them in mind.