Cityscapes: Tainan, Part 3

In January 2015, I realised that the job I had wasn’t for me. I had been working for an English-language cram school, and the exploitation of workers (especially local workers) and the local families really bothered me. Also, it wasn’t the type of work I thought I’d be doing.

So I ended up leaving my job and looking for something else. This gave me a lot of time to walk around and taking photographs of everything I saw. I really loved the alpaca artwork.

Cityscapes: Tainan, Part 2

One of the things I love doing is just walking the places where I live. It helps me get to know the area and acclimate myself to what’s around, and it’s often resulted in me learning how to get around places better than people who’ve lived there for years (but that doesn’t mean I know the place better; it just means I’m more useful for travelling).

So during November 2014, I spent a lot of time wandering and taking pictures of different things, big and small.

Cityscapes: Tainan, Part 1

After I finished my training in Taipei, I learned that my job placement was in Tainan and was almost immediately sent there and made to find an apartment for myself (without any real help and in a short amount of time).

But Tainan was beautiful. Here are some pictures from October 2014. I miss living there; it was probably one of my favourite places to be. (Though, I do wish someone would’ve told me how noisy temples could be on some early mornings, but I did get used to it.)