Quake: Torino

Moving to Torino was a bit stressful. For the first month, Quake and I lived inside of a small dorm room together. There were other teachers who lived there with me, as many of us had moved from Shanghai. (No, we didn’t know each other before we met in Italy.)

Despite the school having promised to help teachers find more permanent accommodations, we would all have to waste time while working a very busy job trying to find any accommodation at all.

This set is from August and September 2017.

Quake: Munich, Part 2

The couple months before we moved to Torino flew by. I think knowing that we weren’t staying there for an undetermined amount of time made it more difficult for us to both get comfortable. So we did look forward to leaving, hoping to find our new home.

These pictures are from August 2017.

Quake: Munich, Part 1

Quake and I stayed with a friend in Munich while we waited to be able to move to Italy. Due to the summer holidays and, at the time, the newness of the school, we didn’t really have the option to go directly there. But that’s fine, staying for a couple months in Germany was lovely! And I really appreciated my friend’s hospitality.

These are from July 2017.