SY 2019-2020

During this school year, I spent a lot of time working specifically with DP students to organise the CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) Program as the CAS Coordinator. For CAS, students must work toward developing their own projects. Of course, they have the assistance of the coordinator and other teachers, but they are responsible for determining their program. In this way, it’s wonderful because it gives them the opportunity to figure out what’s important to them.

Christmas Charity Bazaar: All MYP and DP students worked together to develop a successful booth at a local charity bazaar, in partnership with the local International Women’s Club. All proceeds from the booth went to charity as designated by the IWC.

Christmas Magazine: Students developed, sold, and designed a Christmas magazine to be sold at the Christmas Charity Bazaar and at the school’s Christmas celebration. All articles were written by the students, with students opting to write about local and global Christmas traditions. They also created colouring pages and games, and they included the charities that were supported by the IWC. The magazine is available here.

Christmas Food and Drink Booth: In support of charity, some of the DP students organised and ran a food and drink booth during the school’s Christmas celebration. They made their own hot chocolate, sandwiches, and sweet treats to sell in order to make money to donate to a charity. They chose their own charity, organised shopping lists, determined their budget, and created all of the signage and decorations.

Book Fair: In conjunction with the school’s Book Week, a book fair was organised in partnership with Usborne. Students helped to develop signs to promote the book fair to promote it. Here are examples of their promotion materials, a book wishlist, promotion of the online book fair, and requests for library suggestions.

Talent Show: Students planned and organised a talent show which would include a range of talents and skits. DP students planned to MC the event and develop their own script along with organising the talent acts. For this, they organised a their own calendar (sign ups, audition, rehearsal, and event date). Working with the marketing manager, they went along to help scout venues and figure out what would be needed to set the stage. Students determined the theme of the talent show, organised music playlists, and developed the relevant signage. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, the event was cancelled.