One of the units that I’m planning to do for my ninth graders is Conflict, Disagreements, and Solutions. Because I’m not sure what direction I want to take with that unit right now (because it’s happening in March, and I’m collecting resources), I wanted to post this video that I found on the YouTube channel Philosophy Tube. In it, Oliver Thorn discusses how different airports were pre-2001 and after 2001 (and some changes in 2006, resulting in tiny liquid bottles in transparent bags); he also discusses how we perceive airport security and how it makes us feel. Another major issue is who we perceive as being criminal is a huge issue, and he explains the kind of ways in which we perform at the airport (the ‘performance of belonging’) and how there are some state groups that provoke people to commit crimes in order to arrest them.

It’s still an interesting watch, but I’m not sure that it’s something I’d want to include. For me, as someone who also remembers when airports were easier to get through, when the security checks were minimal, and there was less hassle and time wasted in an airport, it’s weird to think about.

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